Thursday, December 29, 2011

Active Male Models Is Not A Scam

 Knowledge is power, caveat emptor! :)

UPDATE: JOE SCHMIDT is the bloggers name he is using. And he post more hear say and bogus things only because someone told him so. Beware of Joe Scam Blogger he is getting your info to misuse it in a bad way, Stay clear of the Scam Artist.

The blogger recently posted Active Male Models was involved in porn but the truth is Active Male Models has never sent anyone to porn jobs. Also Active Male Models supports the Military and has always advised all Military not to be involved in anything that would be wrong for there job with Military. 

Also some people have told the blogger info just to see if he would post it and he did. He post info with no proof expect that someone tells him so. Active Male Models does not rent cars or go on Military bases.  The blogger has been punked and it is so funny. We will be pointing out more soon. If we were the blogger we would check our info before you post it because it makes the our claims better. Thanks Joe for posting fake stuff. 

We want to set the record straight because there is a crazy blogger going by Joe-Louisville posting bogus stuff and lies about Active Male Models.

The sick and misleading blogger has responded to our blog again. You would wonder why a guy who claims he is not running a scam would spend so much time trolling these blogs and sites watching what we put up. A guy with a life would have better things to do. The  blog is quite LOL and is a pathetic attempt to discredit Active Male Models and others. He must have been abused as a child to act out like this. And no his face book is not up. Only way the scam artist has a face book is if he made a new one. Thanks Joe scam blogger for such a good laugh.


The misleading and sick blogger has been using the name JOE SCHMIDT and contacting people on Face Book under the url of, After repeated reporting from the people who see this guy is a fraud and running a blog scam, Face Book removed the account.


UPDATE: The scam blogger is using following IP to look at this site.

We know this because we have a tracer set and every time we post something about the scam blogger he comes to this blog and post his pathetic response to the truth me tell.
Active Male Models made this blog to show the truth about us. The blog using fake name of Joe-Louisville calls Active Male Models a scam but he is misleading you all by posting a lot of stuff that has nothing to do with Active Male Models.

Active Male Models is saddened by this sick and pathetic blogger. He only wants you to believe bad stuff when he knows nothing about Active Male Models and has never worked with us.

He feeds you a lot of hear say stuff and false stuff the BBB that in its own right is the biggest scam running in the world today.

Active Male Models will update stuff every now and then. You can figure out for yourself as a lot of you all ready have told us that you think this blogger is a sick person who has no life. Most likely, he asked to model and was turned down and this is his pay back. He has shown nothing that he has been apart of Active Male Models. The blogger hides behind this blog because he knows if we knew who he was then he would find himself in court and would face a loss he would not be able to stand.

The scam blogger keeps saying he would be fine to talk to our lawyers but refuses to provide contact info. The reason he refuses this info is because he does not want to be ousted and face what may come for his illegal acts and harassment. He is nothing more then a sick stalker. He claims he has spent more then 200 hours look into Russell and his companies. No level head person would do that or have that much time if he has a legit job and family as he claims. If the scam blogger was half as smart as he claims then he would know no legit lawyer would contact him with out his real name and real contact info. Just provide your real info and face what may come. 

The scam blogger is nothing more then a scum of the earth and should be ashamed of his life.

In the next few days we will be breaking down his blog to show you the lies and what the real truth is.


Also he has blocked all comments less you have a Google account. This is done so he can find out who you are and harass you too. He does not like the truth to be told. We know it hurts but everyone will know about him the more he keeps messing up.
Truth 17)

Active Male Models has nothing to do about something that was posted on another web site. If the sick blogger has issues with that site then contact them but trying to mislead people into thinking that has something to do with Active Male Models is retard and sickening. GET A LIFE SICK BLOGGER!


Truth 16)

Active Male Models is a company and companies can't have melt downs. This loser blogger needs to better work on his words. When he was shut down by complaints from the public for a few days the loser blogger had a melt down himself. He ran around like a chicken with his head cut off going off because some people in the public reported his dumb blog. It is quite funny how he thinks everyone is Russell or Active Male Models. He claims Russell was spamming and harassing him on his blog but isn't that what he is doing? His whole blog is based on old news and hear say which is really LOL (LAUGH OUT LOUD). I am sure many of you wonder if this loser blogger has a life and the answer to that is NO. No one would spend this much time on something so dumb. Come on loser blogger get a life and stop spending your life stalking people and harassing people.


Truth 15)

Active Male Models does not charge $450 or meet people in hotels. This story the blogger made up is another way to mislead the public into thinking that we are doing something wrong. Come on scam blogger make up a better story then this.


Truth 14)

Active Male Models has nothing to do with Claxon's criminal history that happened over 15 years ago. The man severed his time get over it.

The misleading blogger list crimes by gender when no crime is listed by gender. The court system worked. Claxon did his time and should be left alone. Anyone with some knowledge would know it does not matter what your charged with but only what your convicted with. Any charge that was dropped in court is moot at this point. The only reason the misleading blogger points it out is to try and make someone look bad but i would guess the blogger has a past he does not want you all to know about this is why he hides and refuses to  come out of the closet.


Truth 13)

Active Male Models has never collected for soldiers. The scam blogger does not even know what soldiers would request. Much of the stuff on the list is common for soldiers to ask for. It is outrageous and pathetic that this blogger would degrade a church and soldiers over seas. If it was not for these soldiers then he would not be able to post this misleading and pathetic display. I bet the blogger would not enlist and go fight like this brave men and women. This blogger is such a loser.


Truth 12)

The crazy blogger post words he claims Claxon uses. I am sure any normal person would use these words at the right time.  The only time Active Male Models used any of these words is when the crazy blogger kept emailing us with threats and harassing us. He contacted us and when he did not like what Active Male Models complaint team told him he made threat of reporting us to the BBB and the police. If you read his blog he uses a lot of these words himself. A lot of what he says everyone else is doing is what he is doing himself.


Truth 11)

The misleading blogger listed different companies that Claxon has his name on. Active Male Models LLC and Active Female Models are the only companies we deal with. Any other companies Claxon has his name on does not have anything to do with Active Male Models. We find it funny how he listed business that have nothing to do with the lies and misleading truth he is trying to spread. We thought he false claims were about modeling not some religious or security company. We guess the misleading blogger will next claim he had bad dealings with those companies too. I am sure you can see that this misleading blogger is only trying to find anything he can to make Active Male Models bad but the fact remains the misleading blogger has never been a model with Active Male Models and if he was he has yet to prove he was. If he was a model with a company Claxon use to own the that has no legal complaint with Active Male Models. 


Truth 10)

Active Male Models only has one mail site. We did post a page on our site as instructed by the lawyers to post the BBB's practices of not posting the positive comments sent to them. The site also shows emails from a soldier and how the BBB degraded him as a soldier after he fought in two tours of war. It also explains the BBB's illegal asking for private info with no just cause and our models did no9t feel comfortable giving it after they reviewed the stories and web pages showing the BBB is not trust worthy of the info.

Active Male Models also has a web site called Active Female Models. at this time we do not have females on it because we are fine tuning how to deal with them with the lawyers as female modeling is much different then males. The females will becoming late spring or summer.

The other sites have nothing to do with Active Male Models.


Truth 9)

The crazy blogger claims he is smart but a smart guy would not post false and misleading info and subject himself to possible law suits. The crazy blogger again claims he spoke to a Beth on AOL but yet again we do not have a Beth working for Active Male Models.
The crazy blogger post the modeling companies only reply on commissions and do not charge for anything. The is a false statement. Modeling companies charge for products like classes, pictures, sites, and comp cards. some of the best around charge for this as it is the models respectability to provide this not the companies.

Truth 8)

The misleading blogger he talked to a girl named Beth about cam sex. Active Male Models has not Beth working for them and does not ask you to do cam sex for them.

The misleading blogger reported he met someone at McDonalds but Active Male Models would never meet you at McDonalds to sign a contract and Active Male Models does not charge you $450 dollars. Active Male Models does not take the models pictures. The models submit there own pictures. More misleading facts to distort the truth.

Truth 7)

The scam blogger showed you more stuff that was on news about Claxon and his former company. Once again the scam blogger tried to mislead you into thinking it is Active Male Models when Active Male Models was not part of this news story. After really looking over the story we find a lot of the stuff on the news report hear say and was never proven as a fact. 


Truth 6)

The insane blogger reports on some hear say news about Claxon and his former company. Active Male Models has nothing to do with these matters and has never tried to get people to do cam shows. The insane blogger is misleading you with false info on Active Male Models.

Truth 5)

The troubled blogger reports complaints filed on Rip Off Report. One of the complaints were by the same sick blogger. The other two were not just. No one ever asked for nudes pictures. Active Male Models offers all kinds of work areas and the model has the choice to chose what work they do and do not do. Art Nude is one of them and at no time will we make the model send nude pics. The model as a legal adult must make his own choice.

Rip Off Report is not a creditably source of info as the owner has a $20,000 bounty on his head and has lost several law suits. A judge has ordered him to remove so stuff and the owner refuses and is wanted by several people see the link below.


Truth 4)

The insane blogger reports that Active Male Models was never reported by the BBB on there web site. Maybe Claxon or a former company of his was but Active Male Models was not. Any business that Claxon owned prior has nothing to do with Active Male Models. I am sorry the insane blogger feels he must mislead you but he is and some in the legal field could call the a form of slander. Active Male Models does not like the unprofessional handling of out BBB report and there degrading attempt on soldiers and illegal asking of private info with no just cause. After the unfavorable report by the AG of CT and the 20/20 News story on ABC we would not trust the BBB with any important info.


Truth 3)

The sick blogger tells you to file complaints with a list of companies and Gov. Agencies.  You are more then welcome to report your complaint to the FTC or AG of your state because there are Gov. Agencies. But reporting your complaints to the BBB will not help you. The BBB is not a Gov. Agency and has no powers. Active Male Models will only answer complaints from the BBB if they meeet the complaint policies and if they do not then we will not honor them since the recent new story done by ABC 20/20 news showing the BBB is running a scam on  money for good grades and the  AG of CT has said they are sham to the public. Also a Congresswoman of FL read into record the fact the BBB is not running a fair business.

As far as Law Enforcement goes if you feel Active Male Models is doing something wrong please report it but you should contact us first so we can address it with our lawyers and maybe fix it so everyone is pleased with the out come.

Truth 2)

This so called comment log has nothing to do with Active Male Models. We have not posted anything on his blog because we do not see the point. If people wish to believe a pathetic sick person so be it but Active Male Models is running a legit business as per the law. If Claxon is posting there then good for him but from the blog no one knows if it is the pathetic sick blogger or someone else because it is posted as anonymous.


Truth 1)

Russell Claxon was convicted int he 1990's of some bad stuff. He went to prison and did 5 years for Promoting Prostitution in 2nd degree and for criminal Poss Forged Inst in 2nd degree. No where in the charges did it say male or female as stated the crazy blogger. He was never convicted of anything having to do with mirrors.

You have to remember one can be charged with anything but they have to be convicted for it to matter.